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The auvious platform has a plethora of features that can cover any of your needs.

The platform constists of two major parts.

  • The Agent UI. A fully featured suite with all the tools that an agent will need to help a customer.
  • The Auvious Widget. A highly customisable widget that you can add to your website.


Here is a list of all the available features of auvious.

Audio / Video call

The basic tools to have an audio or video call with one or more customers and agents. The call supports up to 8 participants.


Record a call and export it later on to review it. View it either with our own player or download it.


When paired with the auvious widget, an agent can view, fill in forms and annotate on the customer's page.


Metrics for calls, ratings, duration etc. Create your own dashboard with charts, lists and total values.

Interaction data

A centralised view for all the data collected during a call such as recordings, chat transcripts, shared files, co-browse session etc.

Audit logs

Logs for user interactions with the application, actions and outcomes.

Screen sharing

Share your entire screen or a specific window. This is available for both customers and agents. It is different from a co-browse sesion since it is view-only. The agent has no control over the shared screen.

Schedule a callback

Schedule a callback with the customer and share the link via email or SMS. (Genesys only)

Schedule an appointment

Create an appointment with a customer and share the link via mutliple channels.

Augmented Reality annotations

This is a powerful tool for remote guidance. Both the agent and the customer can point at a video stream.

Background effects

Image Backgrounds that an agent can use to hide a busy background. You can also upload your own backgrounds with your company logo. Background blur is also available.


Take snapshots of whatever your customer is pointing, be it a passport, a broken cable or a utility bill. Tag the snapshots with categories for easier categorisation.

Portrait mode

Change the orientation of your video from landscape to portrait and vice versa on demand.

File sharing

Exchange files during a call. This feature is available for both customers and agents.

Send the customer a link to join the call with a plethora of ways. Use an email interaction, through sms, even send a QR.

Network indicator

See how well your network performs during a call. Helps agents understand when to propose to switch to audio only preemptively.

Video quality

Change the quality of your local videos that are broadcasted to other participants in the call.

Pop out video

Detach a video from the browser and move it around. The agent can minimise the call and work with the customer on a document without loosing visual contact with the customer.

Customer's locale

The agent can see what language the customer has set on his browser so that the agent can speak directly in that language.

Genesys Cloud Interaction Widget

Specific for Genesys Cloud. The integration can be installed as an interaction widget, meaning it is available as a tab on the agent's interaction tabs.


Customise the entire platform to match the client's Corporate Identity. Change logo, colors, even add your own video at the waiting screen of a scheduled call.

Have the customer accept to terms & conditions or disclaimers before joining a call.

Speech recognition

See what each participant is saying live. Connect with various ASR providers.